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Skyryse Now in Daily Active Flight Test Campaign of Full Flight Envelope with Matured Flight Control Laws
  • Advancement and Maturity of FlightOS Software Represents Significant Progress toward Market Entry
  • Production Representative Software and Sensor Integration in Place on R66 Testbed
  • Skyryse and FlightOS Leading Advanced Air Mobility Space

LOS ANGELES, June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Skyryse is now running a daily, active flight campaign powered by fly-by-wire and the company's FlightOS interface. Skyryse has been actively testing FlightOS in a Robinson R44 since 2018 and held its first flight in the R66 testbed in 2022. With the maturity of FlightOS and advancement in simplified operations, Skyryse is now moving its daily FlightOS testing to the Robinson R66, the aircraft in which it plans to earn its STC (supplemental type certificate) from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The Robinson R66 testbed now includes production versions of both FlightOS and a full production-representative sensor suite confirming Skyryse's imminent market entry.

Through a novel "clean-sheet" approach, Skyryse has reimagined the world's first universal cockpit with a simplified interface and fly-by-wire system, increasing the safety and ease of piloting any general aviation aircraft. 

FlightOS is a highly-automated flight control system and universal flight deck bringing commercial-level safety to general aviation. Its intuitive, easy-to-use controls remove the complexity of learning to fly-making piloting any aircraft simple, sensible, and safe. The system provides situational awareness and real-time feedback on flight performance and automates complex flight functions, including takeoff, landing, and ground avoidance. In the Robinson R66 test craft, all left-seat mechanical controls have been removed and replaced with its production-representative FlightOS software system and sensor suite that will also be applied to the company's conforming aircraft for FAA type certification. 

The Robinson R44 was the company's first FlightOS testbed in 2018, maintaining its traditional mechanical and manual controls while managing the aircraft through FlightOS.  The increased testing in the Robinson R66 validates five years of research testing of flight control laws and flight envelope management, representing significant progress toward certification.

"With five years of flight testing and development, we are now at a stage of our flight campaign where the controls and sensor suite are successfully managing the aircraft every day," said Dr. Mark Groden, founder, and CEO of Skyryse. "By replacing manual systems and actively testing FlightOS, our systems have the pedigree of five years of in-flight testing. The idea of simpler, safer flight will be a reality very soon, not decades from now." 

The company has been working closely with the FAA and has agreed that no new rulemaking is required, as FlightOS is comprised 100% of known and certified parts and technologies, putting Skyryse in the lead in the advanced air mobility space.  

About Skyryse
Los Angeles-based Skyryse is bringing trust, safety, and the accessibility of flight for all through FlightOS, its easy and intuitive integrated flight control system. FlightOS removes many aircraft management complexities during standard flight operations, inclement weather, and emergencies. Skyryse has raised more than $260 million from leading investors, including Fidelity Management & Research Company, Monashee Investment Management, ArrowMark Partners, Venrock, Eclipse Ventures, Cantos, Stanford University, and Bill Ford, Executive Chair, Ford Motor Company. For more information, visit or watch videos of Skyryse in action on YouTube.

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